dun’sguide: The data you need to start generating business

Every company can grow if they have strong commercial relationships. dun’sguide is your best ally for making excellent B2B commercial decisions.

In a globalized market filled with competitors, finding the ideal partner requires a lot of analysis. If you choose wrongly, your business could face financial loss and damages to its reputation. So, before making any kind of commercial decision, it is extremely important to know where to find the best partners.

We will show you in this article how dun’sguide can help your company to build strong commercial relationships in your country and all over Latin-America!

What is dun’sguide?

Do you remember the telephone directories? Now they are pretty much a thing of the past, but back in the day they were essential for making business. There were two kinds: one for people (the white pages) and one for businesses (the yellow pages).

dun’sguide is some sort of digital version of that. In this directory you can find companies and businesses specifically by name of commercial sector. A big difference between dun’sguide and any other search engine is that dun’sguide gives you access to a big database with information of companies all around Latin-America. You can look for a business by industry, but also by location. So, if you are interested in finding companies in a specific region, dun’sguide is here to help.

Its main goal is to connect companies that are looking for new commercial partners in a quicker and more precise way. dun’sguide is a B2B-specific tool, so it can help you broaden your chances of closing better deals.

What kind of information can I find in dun’sguide?

For a company to become more valuable in the market, it must be visible for big organizations. Also, in order to sign better contracts, it is necessary to find suppliers that guarantee the quality of the product that will be bought by the final consumers.

dun’sguide recollects relevant data and information about a company, which is essential to analyze and verify its reliability and trust, and that can help achieve excellent business opportunities.

  • Contact and base data: emails, website or weblet, telephone numbers, addresses and business hours
  • Industrial Sector
  •  Operation language options in the company
  •  Corporate presentation (a brief summary on the company)
  • Pictures
  • Main executives
  •  Years they have been active in the market
  •  Number of employees
  • Employee distribution (firmographics)

When search using this engine, you will find much more than just the name, address and phone number of a company. You will have a more precise and detailed view of a potential partner.

How can dun’sguide help doing B2B relationships?

To be noticed in such a broad and competitive market is no simple task. The competitors are very qualified and just having a different value proposition is not enough. You need to know which the precise tools are to make other companies find, know and acknowledge your company without losing any time or other resources.

That is why dun’sguide is your company’s best ally. It is the biggest and most robust commercial guide in Latin-America, and it contains detailed information on more than 8 million companies. That is why achieving big visibility in this guide is key for generating great B2B connections.

dun’sguide is perfect for those companies that are proactively looking for ways of standing out, and also looking for the ideal commercial partners so that their business continues growing. It offers the opportunity of connecting with suppliers and other companies that you would not find with simpler searches in other search engines!

You can also get your hands on some advertising packages that will give you priority in the dun’sguide search results! With the help pf a specialized Business Consultant, you can build an attractive profile so that it is easier for other big commercial partners to know your business proposals.

Learn more about dun’sguide advertising packages and try out the search engine! And if you want to know more about the business world, subscribe to our newsletter!

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